Google Search data extractor

Google Search Data Extractor is a software that captures contact information such as contact number, email address and website address of business organization from google search results. for example if you open and type a search keyword like "website designig companies in mumbai" or "doctors in london", Google will display a list of websites related to the search. Our software does something similar. when u type the same keywords in our software, it will run a search and visit all the list of websites that are displayed and will extract phone numbers and email addresses from those websites. You can enter multiple keywords. The software will extract data from all the keywords that yo u have entered. This software will extract 100% genuine database. because the website will always display genuine phone number and email address. So we are always in a better position to get in touch with the right people. and since it will extract more phone numbers and more email addresses from the same website, you stand a better chance to make a contact with your target audience.

Check out the features

Check out the features

100% accurate data

The data extracted is from google search results. from the websites that are displayed when you search for something. The websites are live and the contact information available on them is 100% genuine.

Multiple Category & Location

You can directly type multiple search keyword directly in the software keywoed section. The software will extract all the information from the current keyword and then move on to the next keyword till all the contacts are extracted.

Transferrable Licence

You can transfer the software licence from one computer to some other computer. this is handy if you have lost your computer, or if it crashes or stolen. You will have full access to transfer the licence.

Multiple contact info

Since the data is extracted from the websites, the software will extract all the contact information that available on the website. if the website has 5 email address and 3 phone numbers, it will extract all of them.

Export capabilities

After the data has been extracted, the data can be exported in .csv or .xsl format. You can even select the kind of fileds that you wish to export.

Support Multiple Proxies.

You can use one or several proxies to protect your identity. Application can change randomly the current proxy in each request from a list that you provide.

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Pricing for Google Search data extractor

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Frequently asked questions

There is no limit on the extraction. you can extract as many contacts you wish to.
if that happens, you can transfer the licence to the new computer. You will have full control to transfer the licence to any computer you wish. You can manage the software licence from the client login area.
The software will extract contact information form the results that are displayed by google search engine. for example, if you type doctors in mumbai, the software will search for doctors in mumbai on google search in the background. Then the software will visit every single website and capture the contact information like email address and phone numbers available on those websites.
1 software licence will work on just 1 computer. but you can transfer the licence on a different computer. for example, if you are currently using the licence on computer no 1, and you want to use the software on computer no 2. you can cancel the licence on computer no 1 and install it on computer no 2. You can do this from your client area. at a given time, you will be able to use the software on only 1 computer. you can transfer the licence to as many times you want, but it will work on only one computer at a given time.