Whatsapp filtering

Will will filter the data of mobile numbers that you give us, for example if you give us a list of 1 lac numbers, we will filter the numbers and send u the list of numbers that are on whatsapp and numbers that are not on whatsapp. you can use these numbers for your bulk whatsapp or bulk sms promotions.

Check out the features

Check out the features

Target active numbers

You can save time and money by sending messages to active numbers. thus saving time and money.

Tele calling

You can use these numbers even for tele calling as you know that these numbers are all active. thus saving time and money

Pricing for Whatsapp filtering

Price Quantity Action

Frequently asked questions

We will mail you the filtered numbers.
We can send u the filtered number in excel or notepad file.
you can just mail the numbers to the email address provided on the website.
you can send less than 1 lac numbers, but you will have to pay the same amount. thats Rs 500.