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We offer various kind of softwares especially to generate leads for the business. 100% genuine leads will make sure that your business grows faster. we usually use bulk sms or bulk email marketing services to reach our target audience. to send these sms or emails we need phone numbers and email addresses. its very crucial to have correct phone numbers and email addresses, else you will end up spending money on a marketing campaign which is not fruitful, because you are not reaching your targeted audience. These lead generation softwares will give you just what you need.

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Whois domain data global

130000 to 150000 new domains are registered globally every day. If you are into website development, hosting, SEO services, Digital marketing or even if you just need data of company owners, Then, this is what you need.

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Google Maps Data extractor

This is a Chrome extension that can extract data from google maps website without API. The advantage is that is can extract without API and can extract all the contacts without any limitations

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Whatsapp filtering

Will will filter the data of mobile numbers that you give us, for example if you give us a list of 1 lac numbers, we will filter the numbers and send u the list of numbers that are on whatsapp and numbers that are not on whatsapp. you can use these numbers for your bulk whatsapp or bulk sms promotions.

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