Google Maps Data Extractor

Google Maps Data Extractor is a tool that captures contact information such as business name, address, phone number, email address, website address, zip code and other important information from Google maps. Our software use Google maps api to generate a list of leads in few seconds. You can search by any category or keyword like restaurants, architects, hotels etc and in any location, city, state or country. You can use zip codes or a radius in meters to get more specific results. Now you will be able to generate sales leads right from Google maps, you can make more business contacts and be productive like never before. if you wish to do bulk emailing or bulk sms marketing to a targeted category, then this is one of the best software that will help you fetch the phone numbers and email addresses of your target categories.

Check out the features

Check out the features

100% accurate data

You can extract 100% genuine data from google maps. The listings are done by the companies themselves. unlike other business directories that hide the contact details with virtual numbers, With google maps, you will be able to view the genuine number.

Multiple Category & Location

You can extract data from multiple categories and locations by just entering the location names and categories. This will save your time. after you have entered the list of cities and cagegories, just start and minimize the software.. it will work all by itself.

Transferrable Licence

You can transfer the software licence from one computer to some other computer. this is handy if you have lost your computer, or if it crashes or stolen. You will have full access to transfer the licence.

Extraction speed

The software will extract data at the rate of 1-2 contacts per second.. Since the data is extracted directly using Google maps API, its easier to extract contacts faster.

Export capabilities

After the data has been extracted, the data can be exported in .csv or .xsl format. You can even select the kind of fileds that you wish to export.

Support Multiple Proxies.

You can use one or several proxies to protect your identity. Application can change randomly the current proxy in each request from a list that you provide.

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Pricing for Google Maps Data Extractor

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1 lifetime 3500 Buy Now
3 lifetime 9000 Buy Now
5 lifetime 12500 Buy Now

Frequently asked questions

You can extract upto 150000 contacts daily with a single verified google maps api. if you want to extract more data, then you will have to create multiple API.
You can extract the company name, address, phone, email address, website address, city, pincode etc.
No. Updates are totally free.
The software will work on a single computer. if you wish to use it on multiple computers, then you will have to buy more licences.
The software will extract data of companies that are listed on google maps website.. for example, if there are 200 website development companies in a particular city, the software will extract the information of all those 200 companies.
if that happens, you can transfer the licence to the new computer. You will have full control to transfer the licence to any computer you wish.